Runes of Magic celebrates 12 years with login rewards and a series of quests

lagic megends

Runes of Magic seems to be one of those MMO titles that continually flies under the radar but keeps on truckin’ despite that. Case in point, the title has been operating for 12 years and is eager to celebrate the milestone with its players.

Between now and Thursday, April 22nd, players can follow a new quest chain for a variety of rewards. The quest series begins in Thunderhoof Hills, where a strange clown waits to talk with players. And as we all know, only great and wonderful things await when talking with random strange clowns.

In addition, the game’s latest patch notes offer up further details for several other quests that have been added to the game. Several of which involve frogs. Or Space Balls. Or touching fairies. Happy anniversary!


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Castagere Shaikura

This game still has the memory leak that makes the game crash. That leak has been around since the launch of the game.

Sarnaut Explorer

Always been curious about the state of this game. Just browsing for something to keep me interested. Pandemic has made it impossible for me to pay a sub fee for anything and GW2 just hasn’t kept my interest once I hit cap.