Chinese police team up with Tencent to take down a video game cheating ring


It was an illegal organization being taken down by the Chinese police force in a concentrated operation. It involved $76 million being made, with $46 million of assets seized by police including a number of luxury automobiles. It involved multiple arrests and an international scheme. It has everything you’d expect to see from some sort of summer blockbuster, aside from the fact that it actually happened… and it was apparently all focused around cheating in online video games. Life is wild.

Yes, gigantic Chinese gaming company Tencent teamed up with the authorities to take out this particular cheating organization, which was selling cheats for games ranging from Call of Duty Mobile to Overwatch. The sheer value has the authorities involved calling the world’s biggest organized cheating ring, but we’re still kind of hung up on whole “huge operation taking down video game cheating” part of things. That feels like a lot.

Source: BBC; thanks to Arktouros for the tip!
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