Elite Dangerous touches on Odyssey alpha feedback regarding taxis, on-foot NPCs, and mission details


With the alpha test of Elite: Dangerous Odyssey continuing to press forward, players of the expansion’s test build have already provided a lot of similar feedback judging by a feedback response posted on the testing forums. In the post, Frontier Developments call out several pain points in the current alpha and outlines some promises to attack them.

The post first touches on the Apex Interstellar taxi service, explaining that taxis will not be getting any adjustments to speed as doing so would “result in a fundamental change to Elite that contradicts the lore, physics, and potential longevity of the game.” However, the devs do acknowledge that riding a taxi from a station to a mission is taking too long, so to address this, players will be moved to a more central location to reduce overall travel times and distance information will be added to mission details.

Next, the devs agree that on-foot NPCs seem a bit too deadly, so the team will be investigating how mission threat levels are being incorrectly assessed and reported in mission overviews and will work on a solution soon. As for players opening fire on others while they try to complete missions, future updates will introduce the detention center respawn loop like the base game has, as well as the potential for adjustments to penalties for killing on-foot players.

There are other feedback points that the devs are collecting and considering, but these two were some of the most commonly reported, and so FDev wanted to let players know they’re being heard.

source: official forums, thanks to Stuart for the tip!

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