Magic Legends doubles spell drop rate, gives a week of free battlepass XP


Cryptic Studios is listening to — and acting upon — player feedback regarding Magic Legends following its recent soft launch. In the ARPG’s second State of the Game report, Executive Producer Steve Ricossa shared many of the big changes that are coming to the game in today’s update and in the near future.

The most immediate adjustments include doubling the spell drop rate across the board, squashing more than 400 bugs, working on performance issues, and adding the Dimir Assassin class as the level 50 reward to the Battlepass.

Speaking of the Battlepass, Ricossa said that a recent glitch to the system deserves compensation: “As the community has progressed through the Battlepass they’ve stumbled upon a handful of quests that couldn’t be completed. While the fixes for those issues went live this week, we wholly understand that this is still progress lost. In order to make up for these missed quests and give everyone’s progress a nice boost, as of the maintenance tomorrow, the entire community will be granted Battlepass XP equal to seven daily Battlepass quests plus one weekly quest.”


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Hikari Kenzaki

Looks like they also put a closed alpha skin pack in the store for 0 zen. I’m unsure if they gave that to everyone or just closed alpha testers (of which I was one).

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How much did you pay to commission that header?

Kickstarter Donor

I’ve already uninstalled, sadly. The game is way too deeply flawed, and while they’re discussing some key topics in the immediate there are so, so, so, so many other issues going unaddressed. I’m still absolutely shocked at how much I disliked the game after a promising start and how poor I think it is at launch, that’s totally unexpected from Cryptic.

Will keep an eye on it, but I can’t see myself coming back without some extensive work clarifying game mechanics/systems and building some kind of endgame/path to endgame.

Filippo Chinello
Filippo Chinello


Not even a month old and it already started begging people to play it with bonuses ahah