Nielsen is closing down SuperData and its monthly gaming revenue peeks


I think I might have been the only person on the planet who noticed that March had slipped by without a monthly report on the relative earnings of the game industry from SuperData. As it turns out, it wasn’t an error or a delay: It’s because SuperData is being closed down. And that’s not an April Fools’ joke.

MMO fans might recall that the analysis firm had been bought out by ratings conglom Nielsen back in 2018. But according to The Esports Observer section of the Sports Business Journal, Nielson is shuttering the division and merge gaming services into Nielsen Sports.

“We have decided to wind down SuperData business operations,” the Nielsen rep said in a statement to SBJ. “Our focus going forward will be to deliver games-related services and insights as added features and capabilities to core Nielsen Sports products and services.” It is not immediately clear whether there were layoffs.

Some folks are not going to be too fussed about this, as the lack of transparency and clarity about SuperData’s figures (the vast majority of which were behind a massive paywall) always threw them into question. On the other hand, it was one of the few firms willing to opine on the state of the industry, giving us a slice of insight into how the biggest and newest titles on PC, console, and mobile were performing compared to each other – and sometimes it even sharply contradicted what the companies themselves claimed, which brought out company PR spindoctors to whine about it.

Nielsen is unlikely to replicate the SuperData model, so even if there were no layoffs, this is actually quite a loss to journalists and players who liked to stay a little bit on top of the broader industry. Bummer.

Source: Esports Observer. Cheers, Greaterdivinity.

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John Mynard

I don’t know how I feel about this.

On the one hand, it is just fuel for the various Drama troupes that wander about spinning up trouble where there isn’t any.

But on the other hand, this will allow certain companies to effectively lie to their customers and shareholders about their detractors more effectively.

And I don’t know which is more detestable.

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I am always very tentative about opaque data, but when that is the only data available it is hard to not get a little hyped about it. I miss not having sub numbers, but I think community toxicity is better served by not having that information.

Jason Clearwater

“Peeks” should be spelled peaks.


PSYCH April Fools!!!



Whilst I’m sure the data collected by Superdata Research was fairly high quality, their analysis of that data was complete and utter rubbish. It was embarassing to read it sometimes, especially all of their prediction of the future (which, when looked back upon, were tragically wrong most of the time).

The main thing that always bothered me is that Superdata only collected data on about 1% of the total video games market. It just never seemed like enough, certainly not enough to be doing any sort of reliable analysis.


Given that the majority of the “Data” was anecdotal/ “our best guess based on 3rd party available metrics” as no game company releases hard subscriber and other data broken down by game service on a regular basis and doesn’t even give out such data in quarterly earning reports – just the cost/profit number usually – and any player data is usually messaged to put it in the most positive light…

yeah, not much of a real loss. IF the real data were routinely made publicly available, I’d have a different view on this.

David Goodman

I never thought the data had much value to be honest. It was interesting, but then again, so was the Darth Vader Insurance Scam meme I read a couple days ago.

I don’t really make my purchasing or playing decisions based on the revenue stream of a game. I’m more likely to choose based on if the game title has a funny pun in it.


Exactly. This is a “what will nobody do now” situation.


Darth Vader Insurance? Is that like… “That’s a nice neck you got there. It would be a shame if an invisible, irresistible Force were to grab hold of it, and, you know, break it. Just sayin.”