Star Wars Galaxies Legends teases Bespin creatures coming in the City in the Clouds expansion


If you’re still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Bespin in the Star Wars Galaxies Legends rogue server, you’re going to want to peek into the player team’s latest dispatch, as the team says it’s “starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel” in regard to its development.

“We’d like to tease our latest updates to the Bespin Upper Atmosphere Space Zone! Our developers have been hard at work these last few months to breathe life into this area. We are proud to announce two new creatures you will be encountering in the Upper Atmosphere: the Beldons (left) and the Velkers (right). Beldons are creatures that absorb nutrients from Bespin’s atmosphere which reacts with Rethen gas and is released into the atmosphere as Tibanna gas. Velkers are large, aggressive, flying creatures native to Bespin that generate electrical energy fields to shock rivals and prey. These creatures will be flying around in the Upper Atmosphere next to traveling starships. In addition to this, our Bespin Upper Atmosphere will also have Tier 5 Duty Missions and a new Distress Call event for pilots to experience. We are also releasing a highly requested POB ship. We are SO looking forward to all of our pilots flying amongst the clouds!”

Back in December, the team said that Bespin – more properly the City in the Clouds expansion – was set to launch in “early 2021.” Just a few months ago, we toured the map as part of a press event, so definitely check out our impressions and pile of approximately a thousand screenshots if you want to know more.

The emulator – one of many in the SWG community – just celebrated its fifth birthday; players put together a video to celebrate:

Source: SWGL

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Whenever someone slags Raph Koster, I just point them at things like this. There’s more passion here, in an unofficial game, held together by tape and paperclips, based on his ideas of how MMOs should work, than I see at the one month mark of most new MMOs.

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