Astellia Online makes Miodan Mine tweaks, adds dungeon gift boxes, and introduces multiple item upgrading


Astellia Online, aka the version of the game that’s not Astellia Royal, has recently gotten an update with a variety of new things to check out. At the heart of this update are several changes to the Miodan Mine zone, with nerfs to monsters, increases to daily rewards, the addition of new Miodan’s upgrade treasures, and adjustments to Miodan’s Ascendium Essence NPC shop prices.

In addition, the Year of the Ox event is available between now and April 27th, granting players some goodies for logging in for up to 20 days. Players that are all about dungeon delving will see some more rewards with this update as well, as dungeon gift boxes are handed out for clearing dungeons. Finally, the update has added a system that lets players upgrade up to 14 items of the same type simultaneously, as well as set the target level of Enchantment up to a total of +10.


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Creepy pedobear game is creepy.


Nice to see the game still get´s content I mean they show more love to this MMO than Gamigo every showed any of their game ever. And I do say I tired the game a bit and well it´s a generic as you get mmo but not bad kind of enjoyed it but not something I would recommend.

But what suprises me is that the game is still alive I mean the player base can´t be allot maybe 500 at best maybe 100 if I want to be realistic.