Dual Universe delays its missions system, opens tutorial portal


The March newsletter for Dual Universe is out, containing a wrap-up of how this space sandbox fared over the course of the month. Update 0.24, with its better jetpacks and improved graphics, was the highlight, but there are a few other tidbits to sift through.

In the newsletter, Nova Quark said that it’s going to be holding off on publishing the missions system until more work is done to it: “In consideration of feedback we received from players who explored the mission system on our test server, we have decided to postpone its release to an update in the near future.”

Testers who jump onto the PTR are going to get a lot of extra toys that they won’t in the live release, by the way, including free items, a daily allowance of quanta, free respects, and teleports.

The studio also opened a new tutorial portal on the website to offer beginner and overview guides from the community. Nothing like getting your players to do your work for you!



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