Elder Scrolls Online opens Blackwood prologue during its free-play event and birthday season


If this week’s Elder Scrolls Online console and Blackwood reveals have you itching to play the game, well, ZeniMax’s marketing team can congratulate itself on a job well done. But this post is about you and what you can get out of the game right now, and as it turns out, it’s quite a bit.

For starters, ESO chapters always come with a prologue quest for everyone to get you in the mood, and the upcoming is no different. The Blackwood prologue is live now for all players on all platforms, even people currently accessing the game through the free-play event that is also live right now. You can pick up the starter quest in the cash shop.

“Once the starter is activated, you receive the quest titled A Mortal’s Touch and begin your adventure. In the two unique quests, you’re joined by the Dremora Lyranth and Wood Elf Eveli Sharp-Arrow to investigate the operations of a sinister Daedric cult. What you discover during the two Blackwood Prologue quests sets up the adventures to come in the Blackwood Chapter and larger Gates of Oblivion year-long saga.”

As we’ve previously reported, the game is also in the middle of its anniversary jubilee as well as a free-play event, both of which run through April 13th.


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Paragon Lost

Confused, if your a sub you get access to the quest and area, correct ? Or do I need to snag it from the cash shop?

Krzysztof Czajka

Not entirely sure what you are asking for. If you have ESO plus then you have access to every DLC that was released (and that includes recent DLCs as well). You lose access to them as soon as your ESO plus ends (unless you bought them, if you bought them you have access to them regardless of your sub status).

Chapters (expansions) are not a part of the subscription.

So, a subscription gives you access to every DLC that was released. Chapters are not DLCs, they are expansions, and so you have to buy them separately.

You obviously don’t need to play any DLCs if you don’t want to. You can just buy expansions only and don’t pay for a subscription. Though, from the story point of you, DLCs before the expansion properly introduce you to the expansion’s story and DLCs after the expansion explain everything that was left. But you won’t feel “they cut the content to sell it as DLC” in this game.

In the store, what the news says, is just an intro to the whole story. It’s like a pre-expansion quests in WoW that sets up the story of the expansion. You don’t need a subscription or an expansion for that. Just go to the shop and grab it. But once it’s done, it’s done. There’s nothing else to that without buying an expansion.

Kickstarter Donor

Not going to lie I was hoping they’d give us Eveli as the first Companion via the prologue quest, but no such luck :(