Final Fantasy XIV shows off a trailer for patch 5.5, Death Unto Dawn


The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV is not far off at this point, arriving on April 13th, and players can now feast their eyes on the trailer for the patch from today’s Letter from the Producer LIVE. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida shared a number of details on the changes coming with the patch, along with looks at the Tower at Paradigm’s End (the last YoRHa raid), the new Unreal Leviathan trial, and the upcoming fight against Diamond Weapon.

Players will also have more to look forward to with the addition of the new Zadnor battlefield to conclude the Save the Queen questline, raising the maximum Resistance rank to 25 and offering new critical engagements and skirmishes along the way. There will also be new gear available from the raid and dungeon as well as new glamours, new housing items, and all of the many other improvements players expect from a major patch for the game. Check out the official Twitter for a quick recap, or just take a gander at the trailer down below.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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Danny Smith

Well thats a LOT of spoilers for NieR Replicant for people who never played the original, good lord.


Biggest takeaway for me here is…

They be mixing in Nier with my Nier;Automata, and I am ALL in for that. Interesting to see the ‘hacking’ space crop up for our characters to venture through as well as the… Red Alices but those are both Automata things so not terribly surprising. But having Hansel & Gretel show up, who were explicitly bosses for the OG Nier? I am… curious and interested! Maybe we’ll get some of the music from OG Nier as well?

Also, Estinien looks like he’s making a draconic housecall in Azys Law. Here’s hoping he’s not looking for more eyes. We already had to make him kick the habit once.

Rest is… ‘eh’. The Primal Melee at the end looks like it might be Bodza battlefront stuff, and I have even less interest in that bloody mode than I did Eureka (which I noped out hard on) so any content there is a bore and loss to me. Diamond Weapon looks cool, but it feels like ‘G-Weapon’ was a one-and-done and we’ll never be revisiting it… which is a big, bloody shame. Piloting that is, honestly, about the only physical action we ever see our character actually get involved with in cutscenes aside from the extremely occasional ‘finish the ascian with blast of (generic) light’.

In all the times we’ve been ambushed, attacked, double-crossed, or moved upon the most we ever do is scowl and draw a weapon while Alisae gets to flip and dip and Alphinaud gets to lecture his carbuncle (or summon goddang Bits like the Gundam Fanboy we know he is). Give us at least one cool cutscene of us piloting a mech, Square. C’mon.


The Primal Melee at the end looks like it might be Bodza battlefront stuff

Don’t think it is, based on the scene where Ifrit (seemingly a bit darker in appearance) shows up – that’s Fordola in the scene with him at one point, and she’s almost certainly part of the MSQ given her scene with Estinien.

I’m hedging my bets on it being a sort of grand summoning by way of Fandaniel, with Ifrit, Odin, and others making an appearancce.

Also, Estinien may be looking for another set of eyes, but based on another few seconds in the trailer…

He wants those eyes to stay in their head, cause Tiamat is free, and can be briefly be seen fighting Lunar Bahamut.


On second watch, yeah I’m definitely seeing that now. Fordola kind of… slipped… from my memory as a character for a bit, and the second I see that burnt-sienna/brown/beige and a bunch of Garlean junk my mind kind of just… pushed it all out as its similar to the bland colors in the Bozjan area. But there’s shots of Primals in some very brief moments that aren’t in that background as well.

Looks like it could be a sort of Primal-Rush/Gauntlet in a dungeon if they go that route. Which… Hey, for Odin and a few other lesser-used Primals? I’ll take it, but I’m really not looking forward to fighting yet another Ifrit.