MechWarrior Online is bringing a first pass of weapon adjustments in April

They would have been on PTS, but things got busy, apparently


The month of April is going to see continued tweaks to weapons and equipment in MechWarrior Online. That in and of itself isn’t too surprising if you’ve been paying attention, but the method in which these changes are coming is perhaps a bit different than expected.

Essentially, the devs at Piranha Games were hoping to have these adjustments available to a PTS in April and then arrive to the live game in May, but efforts to bring MechWarrior 5 to Steam, GOG, and Xbox saw those plans fall away, so now players will see initial weapon changes arrive in a patch in April to essentially test them in the live game, with feedback-powered tuning to be applied in May. The post further goes into deeper details regarding what’s changing for every class of weapon, whether it’s energy weapons, ballistic weapons, or missiles.

This first pass on weapons is primarily based on feedback from the Cauldron, a group of over 20 players ranging in skill levels from casual to competitive who have been working with the devs for many years. “These are people that love MechWarrior Online, want the game to be more fun, for it to succeed and grow, and collectively know an astonishing amount about every aspect of the game,” the post assures. “They don’t always agree with each other, but they work well together and know how to come to a decision that reflects the consensus of the group, and what best helps them achieve the balance goals.”


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