Magic Legends provides a video overview of the Dimir Assassin class

Taking life.

Let’s ignore the fact that the Dimir Assassin class of Magic Legends is an exercise in PWE and Cryptic’s overreaching in lockbox monetization for a moment and take some time to appreciate just what this class is capable of, especially now that it’s no longer stuffed in a lockbox and is instead awaiting as part of the battle pass grind. The latest video from the multiplayer ARPG offers a close look at this new playstyle, with all the breakdowns and flashy spell effects you could want.

The Dimir Assassin is a blue/black Planeswalker that features some unique mobility to move in and out of danger or set itself up for the perfect strike. The playstyle focuses on using control spells to get targets into position, lashing out with quick attacks, and returning to safety. The Dimir Assassin’s abilities mirror this playstyle, with a secondary ability that deals extra damage to controlled foes when at class level 10 and a utility ability that lets the class rush forward, disorienting and damaging foes hit along the way. As such, players who want to make the most of this playstyle will want to focus on control spells or mobility spells in their deck.

You can check out the Dimir Assassin in the video below and also make sure to check out our impressions piece of the overall game for more.

source: YouTube
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