One Shots: Riding the dino to the prom


You think you were all decked out in finery and had a spiffy ride the last time you went to a formal dance? You ain’t got nothing on Skorry!

“Spring has arrived in Final Fantasy XIV, and so it was time for my Ishgardian princess to expand her wardrobe a bit,” Skorry said. “An FC-mate gifted me the spring dress, and the rest fell right into place afterwards. Her outfit was not just the talk of the free company, but of one of her MSQ runs as well! Now to get the quite conservative Nanette over her next hump: Summer wear.”

We’ll take a trip from spring to fall as Lethia blew me away with this autumnal picture: “This week I’m about to spend all the time I can in LOTRO because I have a lot of story to experience — and I gotta catch up. But no matter where I may roam, the beautiful landscape of The Trollshaws remains my favorite.”

Hikari played a game with us in the comments last week, posting a bunch of different pictures without attribution, daring us to figure out which MMO each came from. This one seemed pretty obvious to me: Star Citizen. Am I right?

(OK, so it’s a Christmassy throwback to MapleStory 2.)

“This week I set myself the goal of creating a Sylvari in Guild Wars 2 that looked tough,” Sleepy said. “They don’t make it easy, on account of the whole being-a-plant thing, clothes made of petals and worshipping their mother, but I think I managed it.”

EmberStar gave a present to a fellow commenter: “I don’t think Utakata plays Warframe, so I decided a while ago that one of my Warframes should represent the Pink Pigtails for her. This is Hildryn relaxing at the beach during the off season. (The Grineer tourists are so pushy.)”

All right kiddos, I’ve done my part — now it’s time for you to do yours! Slather our comments with your best or most interesting MMO screenshots along with a story or two from them! Context, after all, matters.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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Nan made the front page, but the dino pic doesn’t have her in the spring dress. XD

As for this week’s screenshot, my quota of flirty rogueish types was empty, so meet Khaidai the rare smiling xaela:

Hikari Kenzaki

Lots of the multiplayer games I’ve been playing lately are NCSoft produced. So let’s go through a few.

In whatever particular order the site decides to present them:

The reworked Ambassador looks pretty amazing in the STO mission where you unlock it.

Fuser is an unusually fun rhythm game where you play a DJ in solo, co-op, or pvp concerts. It has some fun range of character creation options without gender locking and about half the currently available songs can be earned in-game.

Magic Legends has been a ton of fun of late, I’ve managed to get my first class to max and the second is over halfway there. I change my character’s appearance every play session, which again has no gender locking. My biggest request would be more camera freedom.

Screenshot (2188).png
Hikari Kenzaki

What the heck, I’m putting Balder’s Gate 3 in the list as well, though not an MMO and not NCSoft.

We’ve been having a ton of fun running this as a duo. The game remembers which companions belong to/are forming relationships with each player character. It’s amusing to have a character be indifferent or even refuse to talk to one player while they’re inviting the other to bed.

The amount of work that went into the in-story songs caught me off guard. Unexpectedly high quality.

Screenshot (2179).png
Screenshot (2177).jpg
Lucky Jinx

I don’t know. No challenge, so just spewing out images along the travels…

1. Poor skeletal dude hanging on the pole at Vol’Dun harbor…
2. Antaros landscape… pretty cool. Shows that WoW team can create some neat landscapes when they want to…
3. Bastion underwold because… it’s Bastion..
4. More of the same because… it’s pretty..

Kickstarter Donor
Rees Racer

Having a go with the open beta of Magic: Legends.

Kind of a Diablo/Path of Exile sort, without the massive loot explosions.
Interesting how Cryptic has integrated the card game into an ARPG, but it seems to work. And you can see and play with others in the open world, and be randomly grouped in the quest instances. Enjoying it. Here, my Necromancer has been paired with two others…(I think) a Beastcaller and Mind Mage, and we did well enough. The spell effects are quite spectacular.

Magic Legends.jpg

A shot from the Blackwood prologue and Hermaeus Mora (who totally isn’t Yog-Sothoth, honest)


Any one else think the world would be a much better place with a Ghostbusters MMO?

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Happy Easter folks.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

It kind of IS weird. Especially the last decade when occulty stuff and ghost-hunting has been outrageously popular. Kinda weird we didn’t get more MMOs in that genre.


I think part of it would be suspension of disbelief that there are so many ghosts you’d require a Legion of Ghostbusters to clear them out by the tens of thousands.

A Ghostbusters game would make more sense as an ARPG with 4 classes, each character has a specialization (unless you wanted to incorporate the other 4 characters from that movie that had nothing to do with the original lore).


Three tired vikings returning home with a hold full of silver after last night’s mountain romp in Valheim.


Contemplating horkers: better with friends!


Dark side of the moon…

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Loyal Patron

Meeting Vauthry for the first time was … disturbing event, a giant man baby who have no nick, think of himself a god and his word is the law, alas the game does not allow me to punch him in the face.

#2 just a fun moment, i really wish “stealer of pants” is a title i can use in the game.