Diablo II Resurrected is beginning its technical alpha this week


Arguably the most interesting news to come outta BlizzConline earlier this year was confirmation that Diablo II is getting a fully remastered version dubbed Diablo II Resurrected. And soon, we’ll find out whether it’s awesome or just another Warcraft III Reforged disaster, as Blizzard just announced that the technical alpha is poised to begin. This a single-player alpha, do note; we don’t know when the multiplayer testing will occur.

“Our journey back to this iconic experience is about to begin. We are pleased to announce the Diablo II: Resurrected Single-player Technical Alpha, the first of multiple tests. As diehard fans, we understand that many of you are itching to return to a game so fondly remembered. Still, we are also thrilled to welcome new players to experience this iconic classic, and we look forward to the feedback you all may share. We want to know if we’re upholding the authenticity of design with our new visuals and quality of life changes.”

The official blog post will be of use mostly to folks who’ve never really played the game, as it outlines three of the game’s seven classes playable in the alpha – along with their refreshed character models – and first two acts. It sounds as if your ticket in right now is pre-registration on the official site or social media tomfoolery; invites are going out on Friday. There’s no NDA – and no release date apart from “2021.”


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IronSalamander8 .

Looking at the pictures of the characters here the Sorceress and Barbarian are fine, but what on Earth is up with Amazon’s face? Looks like someone superimposed the face from some angry dude on the Amazon’s body.

Kickstarter Donor

Given VV is working on this and not the team that worked on WCIIIR I’m much, much more optimistic that this won’t suck.

They really just need to jettison WCIIIR, bring back the old version, and call it a day. Last I checked it on the game it seemed like it had barely been touched and that fans were adding things like tournament functionality via semi-integrated third party tools.


I’m both pumped for this and sad that Blizzard can’t release new games these days. I don’t know how the F they’re still making money?

Dug From The Earth

I blame Activision and the corporate mindset. Making new games that dont have proven success rates is just too risky for business when you can just milk and existing IP over and over each year and make TONS of money like they have with Call of Duty.

When blizzard announced that there would be expanded universes of all their current IPs (including on mobile) its for this very reason… try to take what already sells, and sell it in other ways because its already popular and has a paying customer base already.