Final Fantasy XIV kicks off Hatching-tide on April 14

We're fine! We're fine. Everything is fine. This is fine.

Were you the one person wondering why in the world you couldn’t get yourself a chicken suit inĀ Final Fantasy XIV? Did you stay up at night longing for the sweet embrace of a feathery costume for you to wear as you stamp about and make clucking noises? If so, you are one weird player and might have some serious problems. But you’re also getting exactly what you want with this year’s Hatching-tide event, so who are we to judge?

Yes, this year’s big iconic reward is a new suit that looks horrendously creepy, but that’s par for the course for this particular event. Players can also pick up a couple of new housing decorations by taking part in the event, which starts on April 14th and runs through April 28th. And hey, it should make all of the chicken suit fans very happy while disturbing the heck out of everyone else.

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