TERA’s console version won’t fix its latest patch bugs until the end of April


While the most recent console patch forĀ TERA was welcome for anyone interested in playing an Elin Valkyrie, it also brought with its some pretty notable problems. Some runeglaive skins, for example, are not displaying properly for Elin characters. There’s also a quest (Any Lost Stuff?) that’s impossible to complete, items that are impossible to use by players who should be able to do so, and issues with items not being available to place in the bank.

Unfortunately, anyone suffering from these issues is going to have to wait for a while, as the announcement promises these bugs will be fixed on the game’s maintenance on April 29th. This coincides with the next expected update for the game, but it also means these issues will be lingering in the game for nearly a month. We can only hope that any players afflicted with the bugs are able to still enjoy their time with the game.


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