DC Universe Online’s World of Flashpoint episode is set to launch April 15


It will soon be time once again for DC Universe Online players to experience that time-honored comic book narrative tradition of an alternate timeline story when the World of Flashpoint episode goes live on April 15th. Based on the DC Flashpoint storyline, players will enter a timeline where Atlantis and Themyscira are at war and Batman has given in to his darker urges while protecting a somehow even more crime-riddled Gotham City.

The latest episode promises a boss fight against Heat Wave, an encounter with Doomsday in the open world, and some costume pieces to earn based on both villainous characters. The episode will also have event-level versions of the content that level 15 players can participate in. Finally, this episode will be permanently free to all players whether they’re subscribed or not.

For those who are curious to dive in (and provide some feedback, of course), the new episode has been on PTS since this past Friday. Otherwise, there will only be just over a week’s wait before fans can jump in themselves.


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