Dungeons and Dragons Online tests Peril of the Planar Eyes module


Four new dungeons. Additional named loot. A revamp to bow combat. Better game performance. And your stats are way too low to handle what Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Update 49 has coming at you.

But Standing Stone Games is a generous game master and is giving you some +5 Armor of Preview Testing to compensate. Through tomorrow, players can test the Peril of the Planar Eyes module and all that it’s bringing with it.

The adventure pack contains four brand-new dungeons: An Element of Chaos, Eye Know Whodunnit (which plops players into a mystery that must be solved), Seizing the Dawn, and Beautiful Nightmares.


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Jason Clearwater

I’ll have to try out the ‘Eye Know Whodunnit’ quest today on Lamannia. This fourth quest wasn’t available for the first Update 49 preview.