Elite Dangerous Odyssey’s second phase of alpha testing is tentatively scheduled for Thursday

Small steps.

Players of the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey alpha test appear to be ready to move forward with phase two of testing, and for the most part Frontier Developments agrees. During a Supercruise News developer livestream, it was revealed that the next phase of alpha should be arriving this coming Thursday, April 8th, at around 6:00 a.m. EDT, or sometime this week at the very latest.

The devs stressed several times that this launch date is tentative, noting that the Odyssey expansion is undergoing an alpha test and that the devs are still collecting feedback and working on updates. “We are very conscious that people are looking to get on,” said lead community manager Arthur Tolmie. “We are keen to have everything out for you guys to play with, but the whole purpose of the alpha is to get feedback, see what doesn’t work, stress test stuff. We are super grateful, but obviously, there’s no point in just rushing through phases if we’re not getting all the data that we need.”

The rest of the stream pointed to the soon-to-end community goal, teased that a new narrative thread is due to kick off in the base game sometime this Thursday, showed off some community videos and screenshots, then dove into some Odyssey missions. You can get the full broadcast in the embed after the cut. Also, be sure to check out our impressions of Odyssey phase one, and stay tuned for further impressions as alpha rolls on.

source: YouTube

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