Old School RuneScape makes its own Collection Log improvements and adds more Poll 74 changes


One of the things we reported on yesterday was related to some Collection Log changes to RuneScape. Not to be outdone, Old School RuneScape has also recently seen some Collection Log improvements, adding a search function, a counter that shows the total number of unique items obtained, and some additional items added to the Log among other updates.

The latest update to OSRS has also introduced some more Poll 74 changes, such as an additional reward chest just opposite the Bank booth in the Theatre of Blood where players can collect any forgotten goodies after defeating Lady Verzik Vitur; the ability to remove the fur from the Giant Mole pet (which is something that was wanted I guess?); the end of the Abyssal Sire dealing damage with a Miasma attack after it has died; and a purchasable blueprint from Watson for a STASH tracker Player Owned House item. There’s also some news about Period A for the PvP world rota and several other smaller changes for players to read about.


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