Dauntless adds a reward cache, Primal Behemoths, reworks to war pike mechanics, and trials goals


The multiplayer monster slaying RPG Dauntless has had a pretty sizeable update that applies adjustments to a variety of the game’s systems, whether it’s for the war pike, for trials, or even for the Hunt Pass.

One of the marquee features of this update is the addition of a reward cache, which runs about the length of two Hunt Passes and replaces the vault. Goodies in the cache include Hunt Pass items like seasonal weapon skins and armor pieces, dyes, and titles among other things. Consequently, the battle pass will have standalone armor skins and a level 50 armor set that promises “premium VFX.” Items from the cache can be purchased with two different seasonal currencies — coins and crystals — that can be earned from completing new daily and weekly challenges.

The advent of the cache also heralds the introduction of a Slayer’s Club subscription that can be purchased for three, seven, or 30-day intervals, and offers 100% more seasonal currency, 20% more weapon XP, and 25% more charged aether from Escalations.

Of course, it’s not just monetization shifts in this new update. There’s been a retooling to the war pike weapon to make it more viable, with more damage and less stamina drain; a full rework of the wound mechanic that buffs players when they hit a wound instead of increasing part break potential; the addition of rifts in Hunting Grounds that feature Primal Behemoths to fight and a new seasonal talent trees with unique abilities to unlock; and another round of trials adjustments, adding goals to earn for extra rewards and weapon type leaderboards replacing the solo leaderboard. There’s a variety of bug fixes and monster adjustments as well.

source: official site (1, 2)
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