Elder Scrolls Online previews its Blackwood zone, goes on sale


Elder Scrolls Online is billing it as “a world caught between two worlds,” but players are going to call it “new stuff for us to do.” It’s the titular zone of this summer’s Blackwood expansion, a promise of all sorts of adventures to come.

ZeniMax posted a preview of this “melting pot” zone, saying, “Featuring over 30 hours of story content and adventures, Blackwood introduces an explorable area that is similar in size to the Elsweyr or Summerset chapter zones. Home to the major cities of Leyawiin and Gideon, this region also includes six delves, two public dungeons, six world bosses, a 12-player Trial, and the new Oblivion Portal world events.”

It should be mentioned that there’s a sale going on for the non-Blackwood editions of the game through April 14th. The standard edition (which comes with the base content and Morrowind) is 60% off, while last year’s Greymoor expansion is 67% off.

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