Fallout 76 details a new Daily Op mode, new mutations, and new rewards

Locking, no popping.

Good news for Fallout 76 players: The next update is dubbed Locked & Loaded, and it expects you to handle loading and/or locking accordingly because you’ll be fighting some new stuff in Daily Ops. Players will be facing off against Mothman Cultists, Scorched, and Mole Miners now, possibly while taking part in the new Decryption mode in which three special codes must be obtained to take out Radio Interceptors.

Players will also have to contend with new modifiers applied to these opponents, including Savage Strike (ignoring armor resistances), Swift Footed (faster enemy movement), and Toxic Blood (enemies leave hazard pools on death). Emerging successfully from these new challenges brings rewards, however, including a new suit of Covert Scout Armor. You can also get a rundown of all these improvements in video format just below, so you’d better get ready to have all your weapons loaded and everything necessary in its locked position.


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Vanquesse V

Aspiring game devs: please don’t ever use the same term for two different systems.
“Mutations” in fo76 are both (optionally) permanent modifications to your character with both up and downsides, and the term used for how enemies inside a daily op are different than regular ones.
This makes sense from a lore point of view, but when you say “we’ve added new mutations” nobody knows what you’re talking about.


Darn, for a moment I was excited at the idea of new player mutations, not Daily Ops enemy mutations. Wish they’d take some time to expand on the mutation system.