World of Warcraft preps a new ‘one-off’ dungeon tournament


While World of Warcraft’s competitive PvP scene is the backbone of its esports program, the MMO’s Mythic Dungeon Invitational has grown in popularity and engagement over the last few years. This spring, the MDI is getting a “one-off tournament” that’ll challenge the best of the best teams to conquer dungeons on their toughest difficulties.

The Great Push is a competitive dungeon tournament scheduled for May 28th through 30th with a $20,000 prize pool. Teams of five can register and, assuming that they pass the qualifier phase, climbing up through keystones to the highest level of difficulty that they can manage.

“Instead of teams fighting to beat their opponent’s time, The Great Push is focused on teams pushing keys as high as they can, striving to out survive their competitors and be crowned the champion,” Blizzard explained. “The winning team will be the one who has the highest overall score for dungeons pushed and will be crowned the champion.”

Source: Press release

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This is exactly the type of content I do not like.


I hate the kind of rush-rush-rush gameplay and mindset it encourages.


I quit playing retail WoW because this e-sport mindset has pretty much over taken the entire game.


If your class is crap right now you can pretty much expect 0 balancing until this thing is over. Cant flip the script on our beloved esports players… Not a fan.


Now, DON’T release a dungeon in beta servers months in advance so it can be ground down and parsed into theorycrafted atoms of precision.

Do your OWN damned beta testing, make it balanced, make it bulletproof, and then release it.

Or better still, release something into beta, and then release something completely different for the contest.

I want to see actual players doing their best off the cuff to play with a situation they’re trying to learn as they’re going – not a minuet of practiced dancers who’ve spent week meticulously laying out the optimized dance steps.