AdventureQuest 3D continues the Sandsea Saga with a new area, new quests, and sand sharks


Did you really think that a desert realm in AdventureQuest 3D would be without its own version of a land shark? That’s just one of the many things added to the MMORPG as the Sandsea Saga continues.

The latest update has brought a new level cap to 33, some new main quests involving a search for a hidden magic lamp, a variety of new side quests and NPC shops in Bastion, and the addition of the Sandsea Desert, which is described as AQ3D’s largest area yet. It also, incidentally, is where the sand sharks like to swim. In the sand. Because Artix Entertainment wears its silliness like a comfy sweater.

The post also talks about future updates including a healer class that will be up for testing shortly, Dage’s birthday event, and further Sandsea Saga content where players will ride a Sandskiff and explore pyramids. Until then, there’s plenty of other things to do.


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