ArcheAge tasks players with healing baby animals as the Pawesome Festival returns


ArcheAge has once more brought back its annual celebration of all things tiny animal friend. The 2021 Pawesome Festival is here, granting players the opportunity to heal a variety of doe-eyed digital animal babies for goodies and even the chance to take one home.

The event area is located at the Windscour Savannah, where players can take up quests to rake in Pawesome Coins that can be traded in for a wide variety of items like a pet leash, puppy and kitty onesies, and pet-centric furnishing items. Additionally, the event hints that helping these animals in need will bring the opportunity for players to take one home forever. The event runs between now and April 22nd and is open to players that are at least level 30, so those eager for some four-legged snuggle buddy companionship will want to get a move on.


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