Dungeons and Dragons’ Festival of the Traveler breezes through town


If you haven’t had your fill of eggs this week — plastic, hard-boiled, or virtual — then Dungeons and Dragons Online has an activity for you. The Festival of the Traveler has once again drifted into town, bringing with it an egg hunt to end all egg hunts.

In this event, players rush to find eggs hidden around the central marketplace within a time limit. Different types of eggs confer different point values, and the highest scores can net some pretty nice rewards including Siberys Spirit Cakes.

While you normally need to buy tickets for the event through the cash shop, DDO is giving all players three passes with the code “SPRINGEGGS.” And to make the absolute best use of those free tickets, here’s a helpful video guide to getting the ultimate aura:

Source: DDO. Thanks DDOCentral!

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Jason Clearwater

The Festival of the Traveler event should get a revamp next year.