Neverwinter’s second episode of Sharandar opens the Mended Grove to PC players on April 13


Players of Neverwinter on PC won’t have long to wait for the next portion of Sharandar content, as the devs have announced on Twitter that the next episode is coming on Tuesday, April 13th.

This next episode, subtitled The Soul Keeper, takes players to the Mended Grove, where some dire happenings can now be addressed after the events of the Iron Tooth episode.

“The skies of the Mended Grove have grown dark, the stars and a strange moon dominate the usual twilight skies above the canopy. The Iliyanbruen report that their meditations are being disrupted, haunted by walking nightmares. Visitors to New Sharandar seldom sleep well as dark and twisted dreams chase away any chance of a peaceful slumber. Strange specters are often seen, wandering amongst the trees, and the bodies of eladrin long departed once again walk upon the forest floor. There is some sinister power at work beneath the eaves of the grove, and that power has set its sights on New Sharandar.”

Naturally, players will need to investigate these disturbances in the Mended Grove, though what this new episode will bring isn’t fully detailed yet. Details are likely coming in the following days, but for now PC-playing fans can at least mark a date to their calendars.

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