Outriders offers players a care package to compensate for server outages and bugs


The launch forĀ Outriders was messy because at this point it’s just apparently de rigeur that every online launch is filled with connectivity issues and players angry about same. The developers appreciate the players having stuck it out through the launch problems, however, and as a show of appreciation a care package will be sent out to players who were active in the game at some point between March 31st and April 11th.

While there’s no firm date on when the packages will be sent out just yet, it’s confirmed that players will get a level-appropriate quantity of Titanium and a level-appropriate Legendary weapon, along with the special emote “Frustration” (which is apparently unobtainable elsewhere at the moment). Responses in the Reddit thread have been largely positive for the compensation as well as the promise that the team is still working hard to fix issues and improve the play experience. If you’ve otherwise forgotten aboutĀ Outriders because we haven’t talked about it much, it’s the latest looter shooter from People Can Fly published by Square-Enix; you can read our impressions of it here.

Source: Reddit
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