Skyforge turns six years old this week as the Aelion Day celebrations begin

0’ Skyforge is having a big birthday this week: It’s officially six years old, which means it’s time once again for Aelion Day. Players can expect the usual round of activities and rewards.

“You must be used to rescuing mortals by now, but this time it’s a little different,” says. “During the celebrations, they say that each mortal rescued increases your chances of receiving a prophecy—an item that contains a mysterious message. Decipher the message and fulfill the conditions it sets, and you will receive Threads of Destiny, which can be exchanged for goods in the Market.”

“Some new goods to keep an eye out for are a new mount, banner, masks, and some stylish costumes. You may hold up to three prophecies at a time and you can sell them to gain new prophecies if you’re struggling with a hard one. There are different levels of prophecy: normal, great, and special. The more normal prophecies you fulfill, the more likely you are to get a great prophecy. Special prophecies are quite rare and give better rewards, and you’ll get one of these each day the event is active as a login bonus! You can also earn anniversary costumes and a portrait decoration as rewards for completing challenges throughout the event.”

The event is already live for PC and console players, except for Switch players, where it’ll begin April 13th. There’s a staggered end for the festivities as well: April 21st on PC, April 22nd on PlayStation and Xbox, and April 27th for Switch.

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