TitanReach previews character models, chat, and its WoW-esque UI


The TitanReach developer team has been pumping out blog posts all week, with two fresh one just since our last article. The first is stuffed with eyecandy that actually makes the game look damn appealing – and very WoW-like, or maybe more like “WoW but better.” There’s a flip through concept art of desert armor, bows, goblin critters, 3-D props, clothing, ogres, and cows, plus animations and a bundle of UI screenshots.

“Level and game design have been happening constantly behind the scenes (due to not wanting to spoil certain things and also a lot of it not having a visual element like the 2D and 3D art does),” the community manager writes. “What I can say is that Trickzbunny has been hard at work designing combat mechanics, drop tables and lots of fancy-looking graphs. Additionally, he has been working with Sean Fox on level design and creating new areas outside of Glimmermoore.”

The second blog is much more technical in nature, discussing the game’s PHP roots and security. Not as pretty as screenshots, but somehow more comforting.

MMO readers will recall that TitanReach has already weathered several controversies in its short lifespan, failing to secure a Kickstarter or launch a promised Indiegogo, suggesting in December that it needed funding or “it’s all over,” and reversing statements on employee pay. However, it does appear that development continues, and the game launched into its own form of early access last month for players willing to pony up $56.


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Why 56 dollars exactly?


It was a discounted price based on % off the descending Early Access price. Make sense? (What I hate about their funding model is Alpha and EA don’t carry over into Beta and live. you have to buy the game again. Or sub. Or something.

Ishmael Mcgoo

Yes, originally it was $70 but there was an early discount. Though it’s actually $62 right now, and the reason for that is that they view it as paying at once for a certain number of months of subscription. So when the game releases, it will be $8 per month for subscription, and I guess they’re planning on about 8-9 months of early access before alpha access, so that’s why it started as 70. But a month has passed since early access started and so they removed a month’s worth of subscription from the price, and will keep doing that. So next month you’ll be able to get it for $54, and the month after that, $46, etc. It’s confusing but it makes some sense and provides flexibility. The best thing to do might be to watch someone who makes videos about the game and wait to see if you like what you see, and then make the decision that seems optimal to you.

Francis Baud

Ouch I didn’t know they had some financial issues. Hopefully they can get enough money from crowdfunding and investors to stay afloat.

Ishmael Mcgoo

They’re actually doing pretty well now. The original plan was to be able to make a more impressive pre-alpha demo, and they needed 30k for January and February to be able to work full-time and hire some people. Now they have 170k, all from selling early access and some founders cosmetics. Yes, that much. That will easily last them and their now much bigger team until the fall when they will have a more substantial alpha ready.

Then, either more people will buy access to the alpha and they will fund the rest of development with that, or they will be able to attract investment. There are some unknowns such as how much it will really cost them to get to a real release, but with all of the progress they can make with what they have already, that should be able to attract more excitement.

The other option is to release it as it is when they run out of money if it’s good enough. Then they could just keep working on it and be paid with the subscriptions. It’s not ideal to release a version that isn’t as good as it could be, but plenty of games have done that. From what I’ve seen as a backer, they’re competent and they will very likely have a game much better than countless others that have received far more funding in the last few years. Optimistic.

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Oh they have radial menu or pie menu, i love it when games or applications use this menu, it’s a fast way to choose between many options.

The ui looks like generic MMO/video game UI, which is not a bad thing, familiar elements make them easy to use, but i don’t think it looks like WoW UI.