Wizard101’s spring update arrives to the test realm with new social features, balancing, and events


Players of Wizard101 are now able to kick the tires of the game’s spring update, which will be adding a number of new features and updates to the game to help players make friends or fight foes.

One of the main attractions in this patch is a couple of social-centered features like a new Friendly flag that highlights players that want to quest with others and a Volunteer queue that players can sign up for in order to help players that have been waiting the longest for a match. Other features in the spring update include changes to PvP matchmaking; several PvE-minded adjustments like damage and resist stat limits, further spell audits, and a new UI that highlights an opponent’s crit and crit block chance; new Skeleton Key bosses; and new Beastmoon events with new rewards.

The opening of the spring update test realm was the talk of the game’s April newsletter, with several developer quotes regarding spring update features. The newsletter further talked up the latest KI Live broadcast, showcased several women in the KingsIsle team for International Women’s Day, and showcased some new concept art for a Couch Potato mount, an adorable Astronomer Rat pet, and some swanky new outfits.

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