The Daily Grind: What MMOs should be adapted to mobile?

Leaf it up.

Sometimes the success or failure of a game may come down to its availability on certain platforms and systems. Sometimes an MMO that didn’t work that great on PC may be a smash hit on console, and sometimes a MMO may do way better on mobile than otherwise.

I’ve long thought that there is a lot of potential for adapting certain MMOs to mobile, especially if they don’t work out so well on computers. There was a whole lot of interest in the Final Fantasy XI port, for example, until that got nixed, but it doesn’t have to stop there. I think that titles such as MapleStory 2 and Glitch could’ve done gangbusters on mobile, as they were perfect for that format.

What say you? What MMOs — past or present — would do great as a mobile port?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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“Adapted” is too loose of a word for how things should be done. A mobile MMO should be designed for the platform from bottom up, with consideration of smaller screen and touchscreen control in the very core of a game’s mechanics. Sure, Maple Story 2 probably deserves a second chance on mobile, but I’d rather not play a clunky port of the original PC version.

Vanquesse V

Trove would do well on mobile. Had Legends of Aria been any good I could see that function. Considering how well Elite Dangerous already plays no matter your input method I could see them come up with a good way for playing on a touchscreen. Uncharted Waters Online would also be an easy fit.
Grenado Espada (the one where you control 3 characters as a squad) would also work well since it works well with limited input and playing it semi-afk isn’t bad.
I liked the mobile version of maplestory, but the auto combat was too good and I felt redundant in the whole playing of the game. Also the money side sucked even worse than pc maple.

Robert Mann

Don’t care, adapt away. However, that comes with two big rules:

1. Don’t limit my good PC version to other hardware. I really don’t care if this kills crossplay, because simplified world designs kill my interest. That doesn’t mean all the games need go that way with regard to all crossplay and design, but some without the minimal action options and with deeper systems otherwise are a highly desired commodity in my books.

2. Don’t reverse adapt mobile stuff to PC without making it REALLY for PC. That includes all the monetization systems that keep creeping in, which are a hard no. You won’t sell me anything, and I won’t play a game that brings in things like auto-play, power-enhancing gacha or lootboxes, etc. I’d rather just play older games if I must at that point.

Follow these, and I don’t care if you make a mobile version that butchers everything about a title. Just don’t expect to get your whaling spear in my wallet with it.


If you attach a mouse, a keyboard and a bigger screen, then, well, why not? But then again also, why? I already got that, it is sitting in front of me now and it is called PC.


None – mobiles are not suited as a platform to MMOs imo


Anything published by Gamigo, because they are already dead so who cares.

Other than that NONE.


True answer is none. Post 3G.


My issue with mobile MMOs is that my one hard requirement for mobile games is that I have to be able to put it down at a moment’s notice and pick it back later (and often much later) without the away time costing me anything; I use mobile gaming mainly to fill idle minutes, often in situations where I must be able to react without delay to something in the real world.

MMOs — or anything multiplayer, really — don’t, and can’t, meet that requirement.


Mobile gaming is a cesspool of everything that is wrong with the FTP model to the point of being a caricature of it. I can see why a developer would want to port a game to mobile: to wring every last cent possible from its players. However I can’t fathom a player actually wanting that to happen unless they actually enjoy loot boxes, P2W cash shops, intentionally grindey gameplay to push you to buy boosters, and ads popping up every 90 seconds for other games or Google Pay … Optional to watch, but 2x the rewards for your quest turn in if you do! All on a teeny tiny screen where the ui to simply move takes up 25% of the visual real estate.


From my end of the pigtials, it’s about what mobile games should be adapted to PC. #OnePlatformToRuleThemAll