Temtem highlights new content coming April 13, still has no new launch window


It’s been quite a busy year for Temtem, especially when fans take into account all of the updates made to the Pokemon-esque MMO during its early access… and how far the game slid off its roadmap after that whole PS5 launch pitstop and price hike. Undaunted, the devs at Crema Games have put together a recap of the progress it has managed to make, including the island of Kisiwa, ranked matches, housing, reworks of Radars to find Luma Tems, and more.

All of that is well and good and worth celebrating, but fans may also be eager to know what’s next. To that point, the post closes with confirmation of a new update arriving on Tuesday, April 13th, that will introduce the island of Cipanku, which features the game’s first Mythical Temtem, unlocks the Teleport feature, adds new Tempedia entries, opens a new dojo, and more unspecified features.

As for when the game is formally leaving access for its PC and console launch, well, other consoles were originally slated for spring, and PC was supposed to be this summer, but back in February, the team gave up on the roadmap and said it needed to keep its deadlines “internal only,” meaning we now have no idea.


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