Blade and Soul prepares to send players to the Candycloud Carnival

Well, that's appealing, except not.

The Candycloud Carnival is not like most other carnivals, so Blade & Soul players will need to prepare for that when it arrives in-game on April 14th. es, like most other carnivals, this one will ensure you end your time there tired, a bit queasy, and slightly sticky. Yes, you will probably be going on a bunch of rides. Yes, there’s a whole lot of stuff to do there. So how is it different? Well, it’s in the sky.

Also, you’ll be collecting Candycloud Taffy to trade in for a variety of prizes rather than shoving it directly inside your gaping maw as soon as you get your hands on more sugar, so that’s different. Prizes include outfits for both players and Summoner pets as well as various useful items. Check out the full rundown of the exchange rates as well as all the other events coming along with the game’s next major patch on the official site.


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