Frozen Flame reworks cooking and finalizes the Cradle of Keepers in latest update


You’re going to want to cook meals in survival-centric MMO Frozen Flame, and now the process of doing that is hopefully a little more user-friendly with the game’s latest update, which has reworked the cooking system to include fueling a cooking fire, the requirement of cooking one dish at a time, and the ability to mix and match components to get new recipes and a variety of new effects.

The update has also added the missing fourth pillar in the Cradle of Keepers area while also adding new visuals and improving challenges in the area, overhauled energy to no longer penalize players when it’s low but also provide buffs for keeping energy high, introduced the option to skip the tutorial prologue, and applied a host of fixes and adjustments. All of the update are outlined in the patch notes.

source: Steam
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