Orbus VR adds sheep, chickens, and competent Bards


Here’s your fun fact for the day: Did you know that Orbus VR is over three years old at this point? While virtual reality hasn’t been quite the fertile ground for MMORPGs as some hoped it would be, this Kickstarted VR MMORPG has been faithfully plugging away at adding new content and experiences for several years now.

And this month the game’s gotten even bigger — and fluffier — thanks to the re-introduction of sheep (and chickens). But you’ll want to be careful when you wrangle these: “Please be kind to our new four-legged friends, they die easily and are hard for the farmers to replace.”

The April patch also added more farms around Highsteppe and made a slew of fixes and improvements to the Bard class. The team also started a new blog series on the website highlighting certain lore books in the game that help to flesh out the twice-virtual world.

Source: Orbus VR

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Glad there’s more updates. The bard class was strange, but better than the shaman class they added. I’ve enjoyed this game before so I’ll share a few of my MMO experiences that was unique only to VR –

Coming out of the tutorial area, I saw a player (a dev?) holding a class on how to draw spells. New players gathered around and practiced the wand motions that would cast spells.

Leaving town once, I saw a player fighting a rather large miniboss. He wasn’t doing so well, so I rushed over to help. The dude was swinging his sword for all his worth, and I healed him up. Eventually we killed it and he was so happy, but totally exhausted. He kept trying to thank me but could barely breath :)

I entered a tavern and a dude was standing up on the balcony going “HULLO, adventurer!” and RPing with everyone who came in.

A little different, I was sitting at a river trying to chill and learn fishing, but people kept coming up and talking to me. It was pretty distracting and wouldn’t normally happen if you were randomly fishing in an MMO.

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Fascinating to hear from someone who’s played this. Thanks for sharing.