The Daily Grind: How often do you change your MMO characters’ outfits?


One of the nice things City of Heroes’ rogue servers did for the community was open up all the costume slots for everyone. Obviously, since the game is no longer free-to-play, there’s no need to incentivize people to pay for more costumes, or costume pieces or any of that. Just go in and make as many costumes as you wanna and toggle between them at will. At worst, it’s only going to cost you some in-game inf.

Here’s the thing: I don’t use them. It’s weird, right? This is a game where I love to make costumes and roll new toons and concepts. And yet I seldom have more than one or two costumes per toon. Even on the live servers, I usually didn’t roll extra costumes so that I could switch between them like outfits; I would roll an extra costume as a replacement for one I was tired of, and I’d seldom go back to the old one. I suppose that once I have my character’s “look,” I don’t really want to muck with it.

And I kinda do this in a lot of MMOs with cosmetic and tmog options. Am I broken? Do you folks change your MMO toons’ outfits frequently? Do you change them for roleplay purposes or some other reason?

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Turing fail
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Turing fail

The image accompanying the headline for this Daily Grind reminded me of the miasma of stink emanating from unwashed Sims. Very apt when so many of us work from home now, and may not be showering as regularly…

Changing my character looks in EVE isn’t worth the effort, since it’s unlikely anyone but me will see or care. Once I find an outfit that captures a character’s essence, I only change it if something “more them” comes along.

Warframe has soooo many customization options that it takes me a while to dial-in the right look for each ‘frame. As a result, I haven’t taken the time to create multiple looks for each. I am very lazy.

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Oh yeah, these days I change outfits a lot. I used to not care as much, but spending more time in game over the last year, mostly for social purposes, I like having different looks. My main game is Final Fantasy XIV which makes changing outfits relatively easy, as long as you remember to do it in the right locations.

So I have outfits for parties, hanging out in Limsa, and questing so I don’t look jank in cut scenes!

Hikari Kenzaki

I… don’t think… anyone has to ask me… this question…

And the City of Heroes part is just some manner of heresy. lol


Seriously, in a game where I was roleplaying all the time, I had my ‘trademark’ outfit for sure. The one that the public knows as your hero identity.
But you also need your civilian outfit(s), your ‘Powered Up’ outfit (or Super Mega Armor Mode outfit if that’s your style), more civilian outfits, disguise outfits, covert ops outfits, more civilian outfits…

But yeah, I change my outfits a lot. Some games, I change every time I play.
Heck, I was changing my outfit in Magic Legends every time I unlocked a new costume piece for the first couple of weeks. And you barely see your character…


Pixel clothes are more expensive than real clothes and sometimes one outfit can only be worn by one person, so way less than i wish i would.

In SWTOR i had one character that was an homage to Mystique so that one changed clothing all the time, also my main agent needed to change looks often for infiltration jobs and stuff.


I change it up once every 2 weeks on average.


It depends on a game. If a game has a beautiful aesthetics and has many beautiful outfits – I do change them depending on what I am doing such as questing or just socializing with other people. If a game has ugly aesthetics – I don’t change it. For example in WoW I never cared to change the looks of any outfits because the art style is so simplified with low character details and cartooney-looking characters. Same goes for ESO – I never cared for outfits in that game because everything has heavily desaturated colors with little contrast.


Not really….

….well save for this fashionista Summoner I have over on Lyn & Soul. o.O

Demon of Razgriz
Demon of Razgriz

CoH Live I had outfits that would match a zone’s role playing aesthetic. I kept a military look if I was in the Rikti War Zone. I kept a “undercover” look if I was in Steel Canyon. Or, I’d match it to certain enemies. I kept a robot themed look for Clockwork or go Hulkish for Trolls. But I haven’t been into Homecoming like I want to and it’s a shame that I plan to rectify soon!

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Brazen Bondar

In SWTOR I don’t change that often. I don’t like the idea that I have to keep paying for slots to keep an assembled outfit in inventory. Each character has 3-4 and that’s it.
In TSW I changed depending on what zone I was questing in: cold weather gear for CF; rain gear for BF; sun appropriate clothes for CoTSG etc. Fighting those black slimy things – special protective gear needed. That was a great game for wardrobe change.
Was a FROOB in AO so didn’t change often.

Bryan Correll

I switch ‘looks’ all the time. Even Superman switches to that black costume sometimes.