Derek Smart on the dormant Alganon: ‘It will be back. I promise.’


If you think you’ve endured long server maintenance and downtime on a game, you have nothing on Alganon’s playerbase. These loyal adventurers saw their game taken down for what was initially termed maintenance in November 2017 — and hasn’t come back up yet.

So it’s been a thing we do to check back every year or so to see if this legendarily long server maintenance has ended and owner Derek Smart made good on his word to restart this fantasy MMO. Smart said in 2019 that he was working on partnership deals to make this happen, but are we actually any closer to see this become a reality? Or is it a lost cause?

As first reported by MMO Fallout, Smart popped into the Alganon Steam forums last month to rehash hope: “I am working with some third parties on bringing it back — worldwide, this time. It will be back. I promise.” He further noted that he expects the game’s old accounts to be accessible since the data are “still intact.”

“It will be dated only in terms of HD art assets; but there are even older MMO games than Alganon; so I’m not overly concerned about it. I mean, look at Everquest, Runescape etc. That said, I am hoping to do some visual improvements to 2D/3D art assets at some point post-launch, like we did with the expansion pack.”

Back in December 2020, Smart told players, “I didn’t buy it so I could sit on it and lose money […] It will be back at some point because I have no intentions of abandoning it. There are lots of MMO games which are a LOT older, and still going strong. There’s a lot of work involved in taking an MMO offline, transitioning to cloud servers, finding worldwide (the game only ever launched in North America) launch partners, etc.”

Source: Steam via MMO Fallout
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