RuneScape begins ‘awesome April’ with a week-long boost to gathering skills, welcomes in the final wave of locked accounts


It’s time for April to be awesome by RuneScape’s reckoning as the MMORPG’s latest update has kicked off Skilling Week for players. Between now and April 19th, players can enjoy 50% more XP for a variety of gathering skills like Divination, Farming, Fishing, and screening and excavating in Archaeology, as well as a 50% bonus to precision while working on Archaeology. This event is the first of several that are planned for “awesome April” as a thank-you to players for their loyalty through the game’s login issues that started in early March.

On that subject, the devs at Jagex have officially brought back the final wave of locked accounts, noting that “almost all affected accounts have now been returned to the game.” The announcement does note that there are still several other accounts that need more attention and promises that aftercare will continue for others.

As for the rest of the awesome coming in April, there was a Q&A with the lead devs that outlined content updates coming in the next two weeks, including Rex Matriarchs on April 19th and a tentative release for the Elder Gods story arc on April 26h. The stream also talked about preparation for RuneScape’s mobile launch and promised a postmortem for the game’s login issues soon. The full broadcast is below or there’s another TL;DW summary if you prefer to read.

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