EVE Online plans testing for its native MacOS client tomorrow and releases its industry update


Players of EVE Online on a Mac are one step closer to getting their own native client for the game. The devs at CCP Games will be holding a playtest for a native MacOS client, which runs between April 15th and April 21st. As one might expect, this is not a finished product, requiring players to unearth crashes and bugs, but those who are interested in trying this new client out can join in on the Singularity test server during that time fram.

In other EVE news, the first part of the manufacturing shakeup that was discussed back in late March has now officially made its way to the game as of yesterday. This update has a specific focus on Tech I ship manufacture, with new material requirements for all ship blueprints of this class, along with a number of new blueprints and reactions for other ships and several other updates across other aspects of the spaceship sandbox. The game’s patch notes offer all of the specifics.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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