PlanetSide 2 pushes back Chapter 3 and focuses on Containment Site updates after enthusiastic testing


Judging by reports from PlanetSide 2’s lead designer Michael “Wrel” Henderson, the upcoming Containment Site battlefield is going over a treat, so much so that the devs will be focusing on updating the area and make it ready to go for the final week of April while pushing back Chapter 3 content for the week after that.

More than 2,000 people showed up to last weekend’s playtest of the Containment Site and provided “overwhelmingly positive” feedback, but the playtest has also unearthed some adjustments that need to be made. Planned improvements will bring a reduced time to point for attackers and defenders, better movement flow towards the A point, and reduced congestion in the top-level hub area.

Additionally, the dev blog promises that improvements made to the Containment Site will help the overall game, with new texture sheet and model kits, gameplay additions and experimentation, and behind-the-scenes tech being leveraged now that will help the game in the future.


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After all the salt for Planetside…whatever the battle royal was called, I’m glad to see the team is still reinvesting into PS2 and seemed to turn the community sentiment around a bit. I need to get back into this again.

It feels like PS2 has seen better support in its later years than it did for a good chunk of its early life, though that may just be my memory being bad.

Dankey Kang

PS2 was like a neglected child at one point. When H1Z1 blew up, Daybreak basically pulled all the developers from Planetside and assigned them to H1Z1 to ride that BR gravy train. That train has since crashed and burned but PS2 continues to live on and things are only gonna keep getting better I feel.

All of the assets designed for this new base can now be used on any of the other bases so we should be seeing much more diversity in base design going forward.