TitanReach’s latest early access patch update adds character customization and a PvP island

You're really reaching.

Good news, TitanReach players, you can now head to an island to kill your friends. Why are you doing this? Well, we assume they’re not very good friends. Or maybe they are and this is just how you show affection (you did all pay a bunch of money to get into this game’s testing phase); we don’t police your personal relationships. Even better than that, players can now customize their appearances, so you can tell exactly which one of your friends you’re killing at any interval!

The latest early access update also replaces some models for things like bows and cows, adds in new tiers of gear and new tools, and improves graphical customization by letting you tweak things like grass and foliage. You can check out the full list of changes on the official site, if you’re curious about all the changes being made for the game.


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Francis Baud

“Items in your inventory drop on death [in the new PvP island] – do NOT take anything that you aren’t prepared to lose!” That may certainly interest some people!