Ubisoft announces shutdown dates for several of its older online titles

Good news, none of them are MMOs

Bad men.

Today’s bad news for legacy online support is that some of Ubisoft’s older titles now have a firm date of online shutdown. If you’ve still been enjoying the online features of Might & Magic X, Assassin’s Creed 2, or Anno 1404, you should be ready to wave farewell to those games once the servers get shut down on June 1st. Those aren’t the only games, either; the official posting lists all of the games with online services being planned for shutdown this year, with a few not having set dates just yet.

Fortunately for MMO fans, this list doesn’t include any of the company’s MMO offerings, but it’s still important to note that this does establish a history and these services do have a limited shelf life. Whether that will inspire you to have a bit more online play for these games while you enjoy them or just to steer clear of Ubisoft’s particular offerings is an exercise for the reader.

Source: Official Site via VG24/7
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