ArcheAge brings back the Hereafter Festival to mark the in-game sacrifice of goddess Nui


One of the chief lore points of ArcheAge’s story is the sacrifice of the goddess Nui when the realm of Auroria fell to Kyrios, so naturally there’s an associated in-game event known as the Hereafter Festival. This holiday of remembrance is back once more, offering rewards for players who complete some steps to honor Nui. And it involves polishing things.

First, players will want to remain logged in for 60 minutes during the event to receive a Nui’s Diadem Crate twice a day, which contains one Tarnished Nui’s Diadem and two Silverleaf items. Additional Diadems can be earned from taking part in the Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift, Whalesong Harbor, and To Aegis Island event activities, while additional Silverleaves can be bought for 10 gold at a general merchant.

Next, players need to polish the Diadems with a Silverleaf, with more polishing increasing the value of the Diadem but also adding the risk that a Diadem could shatter. Once players are pleased with how shiny their item is, it can be turned in to the Statue of Nui in Mirage Isle for rewards, which scale based on the quality of the Diadem handed over. Rewards include bound Tax Certificates, a Candy-fueled Shell Racer, and a Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone that can replace a synthesis effect on certain equipment.

The event runs between now and Thursday, April 29th, so players had better get to polishing things. It’s what Nui would want.


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