Final Fantasy XIV restores the world visit system after technical outages


Good news for people trapped on other world servers in Final Fantasy XIV, these prison bars shall jail you no longer. The development team has announced that following the game’s emergency maintenance, the issue appears to be fixed and world visit will be turned back on, with housing timers to be turned back on in the near future although an exact time has yet to be specified. Presumably, this is to ensure that players have a little extra time to log on and get back to their home worlds.

Fixing this particular issue ran into the trouble of the developers being unable to reproduce the issue on the development servers, meaning that it was difficult to track down exactly what was causing the problem. Still, it looks like everything is back to normal, so you can once again hop worlds for hunt trains, party formation, and whatever else would cause you to be visiting other world servers. We don’t judge you.


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My FFXIV sub runs out in a few days, which is a week before I get paid, and I’m dreading the enforced absence. This is a surprise to me, because I’ve only been playing for the last few weeks, for the first time since 2013! (Sorry Mo, ESO was too big a download). :D