Black Desert offers a sneak peek at the Sage’s Awakening arriving to PC April 21


If you thought the Sage class that was recently introduced to Black Desert did some damage using magical cubes, just wait until you see what it can do with some magical lightning. That’s the general thrust of the Sage’s Awakening, which trades in a magical box for a lightning-infused spear known as a Kibelius and gives the class some impressive-looking abilities.

The new Awakening is described as one with a combat style “as powerful and unpredictable as lightning,” with abilities that allow the class to open rifts in the sky and call down lightning strikes, throw the Kibelius and bounce between any enemies the skill hits, or allow the class to leap into the air and slam into foes. An associated preview video further promises that the Sage Awakening will share more of the class’ unique lore and backstory.

The Sage Awakening is coming to Black Desert on PC on April 21st. Until then, the skill preview video below will showcase how players will soon get to be little lightning gods.


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Blutig Von Schnee

Good job, or so I’d say if I still wasn’t missing information, hours, cash items and game items from my account after the transfer.

Chris Walker

Very cool looking. Well done, BDO.


Individual skills look pretty cool, will be interesting to see how they flow together