City of Titans recaps efforts on music, powers, multiplayer, and more


MMO superhero fans have been watching a slew of Kickstarted and fan-funded MMO ventures ever since City of Heroes was sunsetted – City of Titans among them. Funded back in 2013, the game was once widely considered the best hope for the subgenre. But a lot has changed in the ensuing years, including and perhaps most importantly the return, of a sorts, of City of Heroes itself. It’s now 2021, and we’re all still waiting for Titans.

Missing Worlds Media seems keenly aware of the impatience, so today’s “next steps” post seems tailored to address it. “While [the Avatar builder and new launcher] was a significant milestone, some of you have pointed out that it was very quiet here at CoT between our Winter and Spring updates,” the team acknowledges, noting that updates paused as the team worked behind the scenes. MWM says it will rectify that, “[committing] to sharing more on [its] progress” along the way.

Notably, the studio shares work on testing city neighborhoods, ambient and environmental sounds, music (there are five tracks being shared today), more travel powers, chat, map optimization, weapons, costumes, powers, and of course, multiplayer functionality.

“In addition to chat, joining the game with other players is a key feature of any MMO, and will be a central part of City of Titans. The technology for sharing space in Titan City will not be difficult. The challenge of sharing servers is more of a cost consideration than a technical hurdle. We will be exploring multiplayer access in future updates. While the game is in alpha, it may not make sense to allocate finances to an expensive large access multiplayer environment, when the game isn’t fully ready to launch yet. But we can run some temporary tests in multiplayer mode with volunteer players who are interested to show how it will work and iron out the kinks before we launch. We will be exploring our approach to multiplayer access in a future update, so stay tuned for this as well!”

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