DC Universe Online’s freebie World of Flashpoint episode is live for all players

After a hefty downtime yesterday, DC Universe Online pushed its latest episode, World of Flashpoint, live – for everyone – allowing even free-to-play players a crack at the new daily and weekly missions as well the capped-off raid.

“Inspired by the iconic Flashpoint storyline, World of Flashpoint opens a window into this altered timeline. The Flash’s time travel has caused everything to be darker and different. Atlantis, led by Emperor Aquaman, and New Themyscira, led by Flashpoint Wonder Woman, are locked in a bitter war. Thomas Wayne – Flashpoint Batman – has become a violent vigilante as Gotham City descends into greater suffering. It will be up to you to travel into this chaotic timeline to set things right.”

In addition to the level 15+ Flashpoint Gotham City open world missions, the Queen’s Row Penitentiary duo, the The Royal War alert, and the Flashtastic Voyage and Flash to the Future raid content, Daybreak has introduced new wearables, artifacts, augments, and even a new event currency dubbed Wayne Casino Chips. Cute.


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I occasionally check into the game but haven’t really figured out the skill system and character building, especially at the higher levels that go beyond fight combos and into the meta, roles and stats.

Reminds me of Champions Online…I log in, see all the stuff in my inventory, and log out because it’s overwhelming. Glad they’re keeping it alive, though!

Bruno Brito

I keep wondering if i should take a look. The answer normally feels like “no”.


Basically it’s one of the F2P games where you’re better off treating it like a subscription game or else you’re locked out of a ton of stuff.

Bruno Brito

I’m aware, i played it a lot. On the reddit, people mention it IS playable without a sub, as a premium but it’s hard, and requires grinding. How much of it, i don’t know.

My problems with DCUO are others, tho. The monetization is bad, but it’s just one facet of it.