Fallout 76 brings back Armor Ace for Season 4 and shares its latest community calendar


While the next Fallout 76 update will require some locking and loading according to its name, there’s also a little something more coming when the update arrives on April 27th: a new season featuring everyone’s favorite G.I. Joe standees, Armor Ace and the Power Patrol. Dubbed Cold Steel, season 4 will offer up a fresh S.C.O.R.E. board full of new weapon skins, C.A.M.P. items, backpack flairs, and Power Armor paints among other goodies.

Meanwhile, Bethesda has also put out its next community calendar, outlining monthly events and updates coming to Fallout 76 between April 27th and the month of July. Players can look forward to a variety of weekend events each month, Community C.A.M.P. Creations events in May and June, and the addition of legendary crafting and legendary Power Armor in July. The calendar is embedded below; click the image to expand it.


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Dug From The Earth

As much as I have come to enjoy the game, I still cant seem to play for more than an hour a two a week because I dont want to play solo, and Im not interested in being a low level grouped up with someone 100 levels higher than me, doing grindy world events when there is still so many quests and story to take part in.

Chaos Engine

So how is this game in 2021 considering it launched as the most meme’d trainwreck in recent history?

From the outside, it almost looks like they turned it around.

Vanquesse V

It’s in a decent spot right now. The game is pretty fun and there’s quite a lot of stuff to do. There’s still a decent amount of bugs left in the game, but they are mostly minor or cosmetic in nature. Stash size has been expanded to the point where you can play a lot and not worry too much about it (unless you’re a hoarder – if you know yourself to be a hoarder, just buy the optional sub). There’s also a decent amount of repeatable endgame.
The game is still somewhat flawed but the recently presented roadmap for this year has a lot of great stuff listed.
I think most people will get their money’s worth by buying the game right now, and it’s also on gamepass if you have that.

Kickstarter Donor

I enjoyed it then and still enjoy it now, although I take breaks from it. It’s good for many hours until the endgame where you kind of just do events or raids or now, Seasons.

Definitely worth the price; I’ve had a great time playing with friends. However, it ultimately reminded me of how much I enjoy mods in Bethesda games, and people are still hoping that they’ll allow mods on private servers at some point.

Also, they need to stop trying to make Armor Ace happen and just go with the Order of Mysteries content already.

Stephen H

They’re doing Inkwell again too. There are so many other things they could work with before expanding on what has already been done. It doesn’t all have to be about comic books either. Many real world companies have dipped their toes in comic book and game promotional materials so they could realistically be done in a comic book/gameboard style.

Nuka Cola
Slocum’s Joe
Super Duper Mart

Kickstarter Donor

Agreed. Maybe they thought ‘hey, people loved Grognak, let’s just make more of that!’ -_-

It just feels disjointed because there’s no context. Grognak was steeped in the world, having the comic company, lore, locations, personnel conflict, as did the Silver Shroud. These new game boards feel like they decided to write some fan-fiction, then created ‘souvenirs’ for this thing they just made up. It feels less a labor of love and more a labor of marketing.

Stephen H

It’s like night and day. The large bugs have been squashed and most of their stupid decisions have been reversed (vendor cap pool is unified, there are now human NPCs, food/water has been overhauled, tiny stash capacities have been expanded, PVP has been dialed way back and mainly only exits in workshops, etc). It’s been rough recently though with the Texas snow storm and the completion of Microsoft’s buyout causing long delays. Season 4 is about a season late do to delays, they’ve just left Season 3 running in the meantime.